We have taken all of our experience of supporting clients to develop, deliver and embed value adding L&D activities, to create a core set of L&D templates that you can download and use for free.

Planning effective L&D activities

Methods for effective employee training

This chart compares a number of different training and development methods to help you select the one that will most effectively meet your L&D needs.

L&D business case template

This template will allow you to deliver a well-structured and fully considered business case for whichever L&D activity you are looking to complete.​

L&D Return on Investment (ROI) template

This ROI template has been specifically designed for evaluating learning and development activities and investment. It considers both financial and non financial returns allowing you to effectively assess the effectiveness of your L&D expenditure.

Delivering employee development

Personal Development Review (PDR) template

This template provides you with a best practice approach to carrying out personal development reviews with your employees

Return to work development review template

This template can be used to identify the impact that the Covid-19 situation and any resultant changes to job role or operations has had on your employees’ development support needs.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) log template

This template can be used to record the learning and development activities that you undertake and identify the impact that these have on your current practice and future growth.

How to be apprenticeship ready: 7 step guide

The decision of whether and how to use apprenticeships is one that needs to be well considered. This free guide identifies 7 steps that are required to ensure that your company is apprenticeship ready.

Mentoring contract template

This mentoring contract outlines the commitments that are being made by both the mentor and mentee, as well as outlining the specifics that will guide the mentoring relationship.

Online learning templates

Moving your learning online planning template

This template can be used to plan your move from offline training to online learning. It captures the specific requirements of your online learning, as well as best practice and lessons learned from your existing provision.

E-learning storyboard template

This storyboard template has been specifically designed to plan the development of learning resources. It captures learning objectives, assessment requirements, and other key elements that will ensure your E-learning effectively facilitates learning.

Synchronous vs asynchronous learning

When planning your learning delivery, how do you decide if it should be facilitated by a trainer or if the learner should take full ownership? There are benefits and limitations to both approaches, which this infographic outlines.