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Online learning is a scalable and cost effective way of delivering training to your staff and customers. Ideal both as standalone training and as part of a blended learning solution, online learning ensures that you provide your people and your customers with engaging and inclusive content at any location, at any time of day.

As with any form of training, engagement with the learners is key. We make sure to fully understand your objectives for the learning, as well as the entry points and motivating factors of your learners, to ensure we maximise engagement and retention of the content you are putting across.


Examples of our online learning

At Eidos Consulting we provide you with a full instructional design service, ensuring we produce online learning to fully meet your needs. From storyboarding the learning content, learner journey and assessments needs, through to module design and branding, our instructional design service will provide you with a bespoke solution to your online learning needs.

Where is E-learning particularly effective?

Rather than using off the shelf resources, all of our courses are designed specifically to meet your needs. Here are some common areas in which e-learning can be particularly effective

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Recruitment, induction and mentoring icon Online Induction Training

A well-established method of delivering induction training, online training that is used as part of the induction process can be used to share consistent messaging and information with all new starts at your company.

Skills development and skills needs icon Introducing New Systems

The biggest barrier to effectively implementing a new system in the workplace is user engagement. E-learning is a user centred method of providing your employees with guidance as and when they need it, to build their confidence in using new systems.

Skills planning and compliance icon Compliance Courses

E-learning ensures consistent delivery of important information, and can be monitored to prove compliance.

Learning and development icon Employee CPD

Online learning, especially when used as part of a blended learning approach, can be a great way of developing your employee’s skills and knowledge. The value of e-learning lies in its inherent flexibility, meaning that employees can undertake learning at a time and place that suits them. Taking a bite sized approach to online learning can also help your employees to more easily fit development activities into their busy schedules.

Training icon Customer Training

Online learning can be a valuable extension to your products, and more user friendly than instruction manuals.

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