Our tailored competency solutions provide you with data driven insights and tools to be able to tackle business critical skills gaps and develop your workforce for the future.

Skills assessment

Eidos Consulting are experts in supporting businesses to understand the skills they require to deliver the best service to their customers, both for today’s market and that of tomorrow.

We will enable you to define the core, specialist and behavioural skills you require from your staff at an individual level, collectively painting a picture of the skills that define your business (your baseline).

Once your baseline is clearly defined, we can support you to assess your employee’s skills levels against it- the result being a clear definition of your business’s skills gap. This will allow you to:

  • Have a targeted approach to employee development that maximised the effectiveness of your training budget.
  • Engage existing employees in their own development.
  • Successfully recruit talent that meets your skills needs.
  • Lessen your spend on external contractors for key skills.
  • Have clear visibility of skills across the business.

Competency and career frameworks

Skills and capability need to be developed in the right way. Without structure and a means of assessing the impact of employee development, it is easy to make a significant investment in capability and skills yet see little return.

This is where competency and career frameworks come into play.

By having a competency framework tailored to the individual nature of your business, you will ensure the effectiveness of your employee development; targeted, specific to the role and needs of the individual, and measurable in its outcome.

Not only will your business realise substantial improvements in the success of employee development activities, but your people will be clear on the skills and capabilities they need to be successful in their role.

If you are mapping the competencies of your roles, our approach will also allow you to develop a career framework alongside this.

A career framework makes it clear to your people how they need to develop themselves to progress their career within your organisation – a vital part of employee retention and engagement.

Both of these will ensure that your business is well placed to deal with new skills challenges, employee attrition & succession planning, and to attract new talent – having a capability and career framework demonstrates your commitment to your employees and their careers.

The initial engagement with Eidos Consulting was fantastic. We were asked lots of questions so that a full and complete understanding of our needs was established.

L&D Manager

I truly believe that we will have an industry leading approach to technician competence with tools to enable our managers to recruit, induct and develop their teams.

Learning & Development Manager

With the collaboration between various parts of the business it allowed us to draw on different areas of expertise to align the competency syllabus in a way that it became bespoke to each individual technician

Technical Support lead

Overall, Eidos were great to work with. They have great expertise, are very professional and always available on the end of the phone. I feel they delivered over and above their brief and would highly recommend them if you are looking to undertake the development of a competency/ standards framework.

Director of Professional Development

Our Promise To You

Our commitment to understanding your ways of working, your people and your culture underpins everything that we do. Without this, you cannot create a solution that is effective or sustainable for your business.

Our promise to you is that we will always seek to provide a solution that is fully fit for purpose, designed from the outset with sustainability in mind, and that adds that value to your business and your people. We will always work to promote engagement with your people, both in the design of the solution, and to achieve buy in for when it is successfully implemented. In this way we can ensure you receive the right solution for your business, both now and for the future.​

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