We truly believe that every business has the opportunity to be great and, whether that be measured against creating the best products, earning a great reputation or the profit you turn, this can only be achieved through having the best people working for you.

Much like businesses, people have to grow into becoming high achievers and it is our mission to facilitate that growth in your business.

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Alan Sears

Director and CEO

Having helped to create and deliver Eidos’ Leadership offerings for some time I was delighted when Paul Marston asked me to take the reins overall and lead the business as a whole. My personal journey into leadership began with patrolling a factory floor as a production controller and eventually sitting in the boardroom of that same company. I went on to become Deputy MD and Head of the Client Director team at The Centre for High Performance Development and subsequently co-founded and ran Vybrant Organisation Ltd for 15 successful years. Here is my Eidos bio:

Having supported businesses around the globe empowering their people to step up and become more effective as leaders, Alan brings a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge to delivering leadership and management skills programmes, and working with leadership teams to increase cohesion and boost business performance.

Alan is also the best-selling author of three leading titles in the leadership and management genre: The Six Conversations of a Brilliant Manager, The Four Conversations of a Brilliant Leader, and very topically, The Five Virtues of a Brilliant Virtual leader.

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Anthony Sheldon

Leadership coach

Anthony is a key component in enabling Eidos to deliver tailored, effective leadership and management coaching. As an Accredited Master Executive Coach, Anthony brings a wealth of experience coaching leadership and executive teams across the globe to realise their true potential.
With a proven track record in helping people achieve personal growth, confidence, resilience and subsequent organisational contribution, Anthony uses his personable style to great effect with leaders in various industries and stages of their career.