To be at their best, professional people need to work in an environment that fosters the right culture. One that recognises, values and encourages professional behaviours. Using a diverse range of tools, the professionalism toolkit will help you to:​

Assess and review your existing culture and behaviours in the context of the current operating environment.
Be confident that your values drive the behaviours that residents expect from your staff.
Ensure that your organisational values are embedded throughout everything you do as an organisation.

What is the toolkit?

The professionalism toolkit allows you to pick and choose from a number of distinct activities that will support you in your journey to professionalism, whatever stage you’re at.

The professionalism audit was an excellent starting point and provided us with insight into our management team’s affinity with our values.

It was reassuring to note a strong correlation between our managers’ personal, professional and organisational values and identify a number of development opportunities to further embed professional standards across our teams.

East Ayrshire Council
Stage 1 | Identify

This is the discovery phase, where we will identify what you are trying to achieve, your current position and staff knowledge of values and expected behaviours. We can:

  • Hold a discovery meeting with senior managers to understand core objectives and current position.
  • Undertake a desktop review of relevant materials – IIP, staff survey, Best Companies.
  • Design and manage a bespoke professional audit survey to identify staff personal and professional values and the links to organisational value sand behaviours.
  • Provide a professional audit report summarising current position with detailed recommendations for further actions.
Stage 2 | Learn

This is the understanding phase, where we will support all staff to learn and understand the values of your organisation, the expected behaviours and what they mean in practice. We can:

  • Facilitate tailored values workshops to support staff to familiarise themselves with the organisation’s values.
  • Provide professional values eLearning to reinforce the behaviours expected against each organisational value and provide support for teams to understand what they mean in practice.
  • Create professional practice tools for managers to support leaders to drive your values.​
Stage 3 | Embed

This is the mainstreaming phase, where we will support you to mainstream and embed values and behaviours in everyday activities. We can:

  • Upskill nominated “Professionalism Leads” to promote the professionalism agenda and company values.
  • Develop a “Train-the-trainer” programme for professionalism workshops to enable nominated colleagues to continue delivery after the programme has completed.
  • Create competency and career frameworks that support the continued focus on professionalism and positive behaviours.
  • Provide ongoing review and support to ensure success criteria continue to be met.​
Stage 4 | Review

This is the reflection phase, where we will review progress and understand the impact of learn and embedding activities. We can:

  • Run the professionalism audit survey from the first phase to compare results and assess impact.
  • Undertake 360 reviews with nominated staff to identify how well values and behaviours have been embedded.​

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