For a number of years we have been running a structured training programme for our Technicians to retain competence.  This was a ‘one size fits all’ approach with mixed feedback as to the ability to develop and maintain competence.  Many of the courses were Manufacturer overviews which didn’t meet the brief of developing or maintaining competence within.  We therefore took a step back and looked to identify what constitutes a competent Technician.  The brief given was as follows;

  • Gather information from OEM partners
  • Review OEM training; internal courses; third party courses
  • Consider Technician levels proposal and application
  • Align competence assessment to Levels and recruitment
  • Comprehensive training programme to achieve each level standard – content; external/ internal solution and/or blend
  • Link competency standards across PDR and recruitment
  • Consider the other materials and resources that should be available to Technicians for self-learning and re caps


The initial engagement was fantastic.  We were asked lots of questions so that a full and complete understanding of our needs was established.  An outline proposal was then sent which showed a clear comprehension of what we were trying to achieve and a structured approach to reaching our objectives.

The approach has been engaging and professional throughout.  Work has progressed with all levels of our organisation and subject matter experts have been consulted to ensure that the solution fits our culture. Weekly catch up calls along with activity reports have ensured that we are kept completely up to date with progress.  Issues are raised as soon as they arise allowing quick resolution.

Work so far is of excellent quality and is produced in a timely professional manner.

Subject matter experts from our Operations and Engineering teams have been engaged along with members of the Leadership team.  An excellent grasp of the brief has meant that you are seen as a credible part of the project team. Once the project is complete, I truly believe that we will have an industry leading approach to Technician competence with tools to enable our Managers to recruit, induct and develop their teams.  We will also have defined career paths leading to increased engagement and retention of our Technical community.

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