Linnworks are a Software as a Service (SaaS) organisation that provide their clients with a solution to connect, manage and automate multi-channel e-commerce activity.

In recent years, Linnworks has experienced a fast paced, expansive growth to meet the growing requirements of their market. Their growing workforce has accelerated the organisation’s need for robust managerial and supervisory skills and so a programme to develop these skillsets with existing staff was required. Adding complexity to this need, the newly placed supervisors had been taken from engineering roles – many with no prior experience of people management – and from teams located in different sites across Europe, each bringing their own working approaches, culture and team structures.

Linnworks engaged with Eidos Consulting to produce a development programme for their team of supervisors. Together with the Head of HR for Linnworks, Eidos Consulting designed and developed a programme of training, pre-and-post workshop engagement, 360 review and goal setting to ensure each individual had the skills and knowledge needed to effectively perform a management role.

An initial workshop was held with key members of the Linnworks SMT to understand the key training needs for the group. Once these were confirmed, Eidos Consulting created a set of workshops to cover the following subjects in depth;

  • Developing Others and Encouraging Performance
  • Engaging with Remote Teams
  • Delegating and Holding Others Accountable
  • Influencing Without Authority

To ensure the correct positioning of these workshops with each delegate, a pre-course survey helped our trainer to understand current understanding and perspectives. This helped to ensure engagement with each delegate during the online training, and allowed them to share their thoughts and questions openly. We also delivered a DISC profiling for each delegate, giving them further insight into personality traits and how they engage with others.

Following the successful delivery of the training, Eidos Consulting fully managed the delivery of a 360 review for each of the delegates. This 360 review was designed in partnership with Linnworks to ensure it met with the needs of the individuals, and of the business. All responses were managed by Eidos, with the outcome being a tailored report for each delegate.

As a result of the positive impact of this training, Linnworks have seen significant improvement in the capability of their engineering supervisors to manage and engage their teams, and have continued to set personal development for each individual based on the outcomes of this programme.

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