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As experienced Learning & Development consultants, we can provide you with a wealth of insight and best practice approaches to your workforce development activities, allowing you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

We put all our experience into developing personalised solutions for your business, delivering workable learning & development solutions to workforce skills at every stage of the workforce life cycle. These tailored solutions are based on tried and tested skills development approaches used within UK engineering, nuclear, defence and further education sectors, ensuring the highest quality standards are achieved.

We specialise in specific areas relating to the analysis, development and review of workforce capability. Click on your chosen focus area to learn more.

Skills Gap Analysis

Understanding your business needs and goals and matching this to the skills of your workforce can often be easier said than done.

Here at Eidos Consulting we work with you to fully understand your organisation’s drivers and needs and how this aligns to the skill set of your workforce. Whether this be an organisation-wide study or to fulfil the requirements of a new position, we can map existing skills, make recommendations on how to fill any gaps and best utilise your workforce.

Our skills gap analysis is a targeted review of your business needs, and what is required to build your workforce skills to meet them. We work closely with you to gain a full understanding of your requirements so that we can develop a well-considered and structured plan to bridge the gap from where you are currently, to where you need to be.​

Training needs analysis

It can often be the case that training provided to employees is off-the-shelf and not directly relevant to their role or your industry.

Eidos Consulting are able to offer a solution: By mapping individual and organisation requirements we can identify the exact training needs for all roles within your organisation and make recommendations accordingly, giving you peace of mind that the training you provide your employees is directly related to their role. This process involves those who know the role best; you and your employees, and is validated at multiple stages to ensure it exceeds expectations.

We recognise that not all learning comes from formal training events. That is why we work closely with you to clearly identify how your employee’s training needs will be met in a manner that is cost effective and generates the best results.

Using our own training needs analysis tools, we are able to identify skills and training needs for individuals, projects, whole departments or across your entire organisation, meeting all legislative or quality assurance requirements along the way.

Training programme development

Eidos Consulting are able to offer bespoke training programmes to cover any role within your organisation, including apprenticeships.

In partnership with you, we will aim to understand the training needs of the role, and make training recommendations based upon the identified outcomes. All training programmes are referenced against the relevant National Occupational Standards (NOS) and take into account any industry standards that you work against, providing a great means of meeting compliance requirements and proving the competence of you employees.

Training programmes can cover technical and soft skills, core role and sub-roles, enabling you to have a suite of programmes that fully cover individual or department responsibilities.

To make sure the training programmes are fully utilised, we plan and support the full implementation with your workforce, making sure it meets your needs and expectations.

Apprenticeship programmes

In the new era of apprenticeship standards and levy payments, the ownership of apprentice training has well and truly moved back with the employer.

With our extensive knowledge and experience in apprenticeship training and management, Eidos Consulting are well placed to support you in developing in-house apprenticeship training programmes. These can support and run alongside your current training provision, to ensure that your apprentices become well rounded, highly skilled individuals who meet the needs and cultural values of your organisation.

Now more than ever, apprentices are essential to ensuring the ongoing availability of skills within your organisation. We can ensure that your in-house apprentice development scheme stands head and shoulders above others within your industry, allowing you to attract the best future talent to ensure the future of your workforce.


Your employees develop valuable skills and experience whilst working for your organisation. Make sure that these skills and experience are shared throughout your business by implementing an effective mentoring programme.

Not all improvement comes from formal training. In fact, a much larger focus should be given to experiential and mentor/coaching led development. Being able to support your employees through a well structured and considered mentoring programme is essential to creating and maintaining a high-achieving workforce.

We can source appropriate in-house mentor training and create the guidelines for any mentoring programme you wish to put in place. So that you can keep track of progress, we also offer a reporting structure to keep you in the loop.

Good mentors are a fantastic resource in any industry. With our support you can have an embedded mentoring programme that takes the best of your organisation and re-invests it into ongoing skills growth.

Strategic E-Learning Review

Are you looking to move your training online?

As experienced learning professionals, we will support you to develop an online learning strategy that will have the most positive impact on your people and on your company’s skills requirements.

Our learning review will look at all aspects of your training needs, infrastructure, and working activities. Coupled with our in-depth knowledge of learning theory and best practice, it will identify how and where online learning can be best leveraged within your organisation.

When you are ready to develop your online learning, take a look at our eLearning design and development offering here.

Return on training investment

Understanding the return on investment (RoI) for personnel development is key to ensuring your organisation is making the most of their training and development budget.

At Eidos Consulting our approach is to not only provide thorough information on the financials, but to also look at the performance of the individual following their training. We utilise a 360° review both before and after the event to fully understand the impact your investment has had on the individual’s performance.

Carrying out a return on investment review gives you peace of mind that your training investment is not only value for money, but also having a tangible effect on the competency of your workforce. We give you the means of measuring RoI for all activities, from single training events through to a full review of your entire yearly training budget and its performance.

Competency & Career Frameworks

Have you ever put in place what should have been a fantastic workforce development initiative, only for it to not work out as you intended? Often times this can be down to a lack of alignment to the competency needs of your business and your people.

With a well-defined competency framework, you will be able to clearly identify the capabilities you require of your workforce, and how these align to your business objectives. Competency frameworks give you the means to accurately assess workforce capability, clarify your training needs, and to use specific data to drive your recruitment and organisational design. Combined with an informed career framework, you now have a sustainable framework to support all of your workforce development activities.

Eidos Consulting have extensive experience of developing and implementing competency and career frameworks with businesses across multiple industries. Our approach ensures you benefit from this experience and recognised best practice approaches, while still receiving a solution tailored specifically to your needs. With career and competency frameworks having touch points with all your workforce development activities, from recruitment through to professional development reviews, training and workforce planning, our solutions help to ensure you make a success of any future activity to develop your people.

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