What is it?

This online module provides guidance and tips on how to set yourself up for successful home working. Topics covered:

  • Health and safety
  • Setting up your workspace
  • Self motivation and self discipline
  • Time management
  • Health and Wellbeing

Who is it useful for?

Anyone who is currently, or will be, working from home. It is particularly useful for those who are new to home working or find it difficult to be productive when working from home.

How can I access this module?

There are three ways to access this module, each option is outlined below:

Individual access - Free

Individuals can access the module for free, for a limited time, by registering on our website and going to the GUIDES AND TOOLS section. (Terms and conditions apply)

Online access for companies - £50

8 weeks online access to the module for your entire company. No individual registration will be required to access.

LMS or web file - £150

You can purchase a SCORM or web version of this course to host on your own LMS or web server, giving you lifetime access to this module.

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